Crispy almond butter chocolate chip cookies

The goal of this project for me is, quite simply, to utilise the library of recipes I have accumulated, but have never made. Like most people who like to dabble in the kitchen, I hoard cookery books, weekend supplements with seasonal favourites, take photos of beautiful dishes that I swear I’ll re-create. But when it comes to it, I made the same staple favourites most days – sound familiar? I’m no vegetarian, vegan, pescitarian, I have no allergies and I’ll eat nearly anything, but I do love to explore…so expect to see some creative efforts.

My plan is to, at least a few times a week, work from a recipe.  I want to be a better, more rounded cook; I want to look at a fridge of ingredients (or a fridge of no ingredients) and be inspired. All from my tiny kitchen, and on a budget of course…

My name’s Laura, and welcome to my recipe diary.

RECIPE 1: I’ve been wanting to make some ‘healthy’ cookies for a while – and by that I mean as minimally detrimental to your health as possible. But still delicious, of course – they are a treat after all. This recipe from ‘The Oh She Glows Cookbook’ by Angela Liddon calls for brown sugar and natural cane sugar but I used agave nectar. Now whether one is worse than the other raises multiple answers, but that’s what I had!

They are delicious, not crunchy but really nutty and rich with flavour rather than just a sugar hit.

Find the recipe here: