Lemon & chia seed refined-free scones

There’s something about the diversity of scones that makes them so appealing to me. Fluffy and cake like, dense, covered in jam, fruity, savoury, you name it and you can probably create it with a scone. Long gone are the days of the dry and uninspiring packaged type, welcome to the over-sized, crumbly textured variety I hail my appreciation to.

There is one reason and one reason only for my love of scones, and that is Purebread Bakery in Whistler, Canada. Their sour cherry buckwheat scones were detrimental to the downfall of my clean eating. But the wonderful thing about scones, like more sweet things now, is they don’t have to be as bad for you as the traditional variety. Now, maybe not so decadent, but we all have to make some sacrifices every now and then, no?

My first time making these scones, and an actual success. As in, I don’t think I’d change anything about them.

So healthy too, that you could in fact eat them for breakfast without an ounce of guilt. As eating should be.

Recipe over at Margaret’s Dish, this blog has a few really great recipes.